Thanks to the instrument designers, Griff instruments are truly worthy. Here we pay homage to Zephod and his instruments.

On this page you will find the Buzz version of several of Zephod's Griff plug-ins, which will work in Buzz ( and and on Fruityloops (

Zephod says "Because the original platform is PocketPC, these plug-ins run really fast on a PC. Don't be surprised if you can squeeze 300 simultaneous voices out of these boxes!"…and you had better believe him.

- Simple and effective monophonic bassline synth
.- Designed to be fast but still have a smooth filter.

- Updated Goldfish with some extra options. (thanks all you guys at #buzz!)
- Made for buzz only so far
.- NEW: specially for Dave Muon, recompiled and rewaved
.- NEW: fully antialiased.
- NEW: Memory Issue fixed.- use note-off to use attack/release ("1" key for those that don't know)
- NEW: Slides are AAed too now.

- Basic kickdrum generator.
- Does what it is supposed to do: kick.

Polyphonic Griff instrument plugin capable of doing guitar like sounds.
The instrument is tweakable to generate a wide range of sounds, eg banjo or
harp plucks.
- Low CPU, virtual channels.

Polyphonic FM synth with 3 fully adjustable operators. This synth has a lot
in common with the famous Yamaha DX FM synth series, and can do the same
leads, bells and basses. Even some convincing e-piano's are possible.
- Low CPU, virtual channels.

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