Griff Skin for the Microsoft Windows Media Player.

PlanetGriff is proud to offer a customisation for the Microsoft Windows Media Player.

Feature Benefit
Intelligently designed and positioned User interface elements. (buttons & sliders). Easily control media player with either stylus or finger.
Clear Legible Display. Find out what track is playing at a glance. Check out the encoding quality (both bitrate and frequency).
Based on the Griff Pocket Music Studio Sampler Interface. A Guarantee of quality, and you can never have enough Griff.
Cast in solid aluminium. Lightweight yet incredibly durable.
(OK it's only a skin but ain't it purty?).



  1. Download the file griff_wmp_skin.CAB
  2. Copy this file to your 'My Documents' folder on your PocketPC.
  3. On your PocketPC double tap on this file. This will install the skin.
  4. Start Windows Media Player, tap the menu 'Tools | Settings | Skin Chooser' and use the buttons to select the Griff skin. Tap OK.
  5. If you don't have a 'Tools' menu option in Windows Media Player, (like me), you'll need to download and install the 'Windows Media Skin Chooser' application from Microsoft. You can find it here. Once you've installed this, tap on the start button, select 'Programs' and start the 'Windows Media Skin Chooser' application. Use the buttons to select the Griff skin. Tap OK.