Title: Arp Axxe

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Detailed description:

Manufacturer ARP/CBS

The Axxe is basically a single VCO monophonic version of the popular Odyssey.

Note: These are not your ultra clean Virtual analog type sounds. The Arp Axxe was known to be a noisy synth and these samples reflect that. I have done my best to clean up the sounds as much as possible without damaging thier charactor.

Used by such artists as:
808 State, Jude Allen, Adrian Chase, Rick Davies - aka 3070 (Cybotron), Electronic Dream Planet, Michael Garrison

SamplePack created by Dusty - Dark Fenix Media.


User Comments

How much is the axxe worth? A friend wants to sell me his. I have no Idea what to offer him.
can anyone let me know?
jerry palmer ( jrp51@hotmail.com )