Title: MidiPlug BETA

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Detailed description:

MidiPlug operates just like any other plugin for Griff except it sends the note and controller data through the PocketPC Serial port as MIDI messages.


a Serial Midi Cable to connect your PocketPC directly to a Midi device. (Eg: MPort)
a serial cradle to connect your PocketPC to a midi device that has a PC serial link or directly to your PC.
For the latter you can download windows serial drivers from roland or yamaha.

The skin is very beta so you'll have to figure out what knobs do what by tapping on them and checking out the tip that appears.

Please let us know your findings on the Newsgroup.


User Comments

Specs of the POCKETPC I am using:
Model ID: iPAQ H3800
Processor type: SA1110
Processor revision: B5
Product revision level: 2.0
ROM date: 06/10/02
ROM revision: 1.20.21
OS version: Windows CE 3.0

Griff Version:

I have hooked up the macman midi interface to my pocket Pc and the power LED lights. However when I send either note or controller information the nothing is sent.

Am I missing a setting?

I have also tried just hooking up a serial adapter to a Yamaha QY70 and a Roland PMA-5 and nothing happens. I have tried the various settings PC1, PC2, MAC and nothing. I also clicked on the Reset audio menu item and still nothing.

I am out of ideas...I think this is a excellent idea have GRIFF send and recieve midi one day. World smallest live preformance device.

I've got some ideas but can we discuss it on the forum ? (www.planetgriff.com/forum) - See you there Leo.


how do you hook up a midi controller to your ppc, and if so where do you get the cable