Title: pSyn

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File Size:

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Detailed description:

mda pSyn is an advanced polyphonic synthesiser offering an amazing variety of sounds.

Created by renown synth designer mda, pSyn incorporates:

  • Four oscillator types (sound sources) including user defined samples.
  • An Amplifier envelope (ADSR).
  • A General purpose Envelope (ADSR).
  • A Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO).
  • A Filter routable through the LFO and/or the Envelope.
  • Pitch controls routable through the LFO and/or the Envelope.

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User Comments

This is what I have been waiting for since the day I bought my ipaq...This stuff is beyond
cutting edge and their is no other product that even comes close to griff and the new Psyn.. Now if I only had more time to use it I would be even happier..
Dusty - NY

The sounds I am creating on the pSyn are outrageous! It's an awesome synth.
Mitch - CT, USA

This is one of the most important griff plugins, because it has some important features which the standard sampler misses (lfo->osc = vibrato, filter, better envelopes).

By the way, the filter quality is quite neat :)

pSyn also a bit useful as an 1osc synth, but what makes it great is the option to use samples as oscillator waveforms.

The pSyn is an outstanding plugin with amazing sounds. No Griff user should be without this one! It added a lot of depth into my music.
NeonSkye - VA, USA