Title: mdaOrgan

Free! (Was £ 9.99 - Grab your code here.

File Size:

201 kB

Detailed description:

mdaOrgan is an virtual classic drawbar organ with 9 drawbars and a percussion switch.

Use with the mdaLeslie speaker emulator for best results.

Drawbar sizes:
5 1/3'
2 2/3'
1 3/5'
1 1/3'

Created by mda.


User Comments

This plugin answers the eternal question:

Just how do you fit a hammond in your Pocket ?
Daniel Webb

Check the link on the front page (it's going to planetgriff.dom)!

I gave up my PPC for a bit while getting my Cubase SX thing going. Now I want to play with my PPC again with Griff. I lost my emails and forgot if I purchased MDA organ or not. I have it in my Griff programs folder. Can you kindly see if dongarcia@usa.net has paid for it yet? (that's me....) thanks a bunch.

BTW - the serial midi thing looks interesting. What is an example of a hardware setup as in serial cable to midi keyboard (for example) I've never heard of that and if you can point me to the dealers, sites whatever, that would be appreciated. (specifically so I can go buy what I need)
Don Garcia