Title: PocketSnare

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Detailed description:

Snare Drum Emulator by Zephod.
The next plug in the pocket-acid range: PocketSnare 1.

It provides you with the same style of snare sounds a certain famous drummachine does..
The controls are simple:

Tune: Sets the pitch of the snare
Snappy: Sets the duration of the snap
Tone: Sets the tonal/noise content ratio

of course the velocity in the pattern editor can be used to create the classic building drumrolls :)


User Comments

I am looking to run trigger pads through a Mport.
But I need to have my Ipaq as the sampled drum
waves and set them up as a drumset or kit
format. These user drumsets need to be ready to be toggled through during a performance.
Is it possible to blend a high bred of your software to do this.
Reference would be a Handsonic by Roland.
But this would run off a Ipaq 3765 with 64mb.
What do you think?
thank you,

della liberta