Title: PocketHihat

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Detailed description:

HiHat Emulator by Zephod.
The next plug in the pocket-acid range: PocketHihat 1.

It provides you with the same style of hihat sounds a certain famous drummachine does..
The controls:

OH Decay: Sets the duration of the open hihat
CH Decay: Sets the duration of the closed hihat
MODE: When set to Mono, only 1 hihat can sound at a time, like on a real drumkit. When set to duo, both hihats will sound at the same time when played at the same time, and won't cut off.

to enter the drums:
All the odd notes are CH, all the even notes are OH. (or the other way around, depending from which side you count)
Velocity will change the volume of each drumhit.


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