Title: mdaFilter

Free! (Was £ 9.99 - Grab your code here.

File Size:

429 kB

Detailed description:

mdaFilter is a 12dB/oct filter operating in either LowPass, BandPass or HighPass mode.


User Comments

Who doesn\'t need a filter inside his Pocket PC? Really neat on drums \'n stuff.

The mdaFilter is a fun effect that can really kick your synths and sampler into high gear. I like to use it on Goldfish. It really fattens the bass sound and fills out the bottom end quite nicely. A quality plugin. You need all the weapons you can get in your Griff arsenal, and every plugin is top notch quality. They all should be on your Pocket PC when you fire up Griff! They really help the creativity flow!
NeonSkye -Va, USA