" Griff is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooool......"


" Griff is THE pocket music studio you always dreamed about! (at least I did!)
The first time I downloaded this beauty I couldn't believe my ears (& my eyes).

Never thought this would be possible on a pocket pc! I can compose an 8-9 track music running 3-4 soft synths and a couple of samplers without any problem on my IPAQ! (not mentioning real time reverb and delay).

And the sound quality is great too! This is the first & only software I purchased in my life! That should give you an idea! "

Je5teR (on C|Net)

" Griff ROCKS!
I only DREAMED I would be capable of doing THIS kind of music-making on my PDA! Not only are there some killer software-based synthesizers (turning your PDA into synthesizer), but there is a bonafide SAMPLE module in this thing, too!

I'm waiting for the music industry to realize how cool this thing is. Write on the plane. In the mountains... etc. Very cool, indeed. Oh. It has live performance features built into the sequencing capabilities, too."

Tom Chaffer (on C|Net)

"Just loaded this (.. the mdaFilter..), bloody wonderful, really brings the sampler alive, especially drums. Brilliant "

David Salter

" let me say cheers for such a cool suprizing work of art.

I thought Id just have to get my contacts in order I had no Idea Id be sitting on the bus working with some sounds....thanks alot."


" This isn't some cheap, tinny sounding toy; you can get some deeply satisfying results using Griff.

This is top-class entertainment on the go"

Jonathan Wilson at NME

" CD-quality sound and real-time editing mean this is more than just a toy"

Musik Magazine

" Having checked out all of the available music applications for the PocketPC recently, I would like to congratulate the developers on a superb first class app.
How you have managed to cram so much functionality into such as small program and maintain such a high standard of user friendliness is beyond me!
I know to most people that £40.00 would appear a little steep, but Griff is worth every penny. Having spent over £10,000 to date on musical equipment, I have a good idea what value for money really is. Griff is User friendly, feature rich, very stable, graphically superior and the sound quality is exceptional!

Thank you for brightening up my day, and for producing the best app installed on my PDA.

Leigh Buxton

"I just want to say that Griff ROCKS! It's like the "Cakewalk" of the Pocket PC world!"

Electric Dave

" Griff is so Freaqin' cool!!!!!!!! Your implemention of a pattern sequencer integrated with virtual synths and a mixer with effects is beyond the top!"

Barry Blum
The 3DO Company