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Griff Promo Video

Friday 19th September 2008
Posted By: daniel

So I spent all day making a Griff demonstration video, but I wasn't completely happy with the results.

Firstly, it was 10minutes long with no sound for the first minute and a half. Not good in the modern ADHD world.

The second problem was with youtube. It's a great site, but I couldn't make out any of the menu text and worse, the audio was mono.

Hopefully I've addressed both issues with the second video. It's made the same way as the first but is much snappier. I also uploaded it to vimeo which encodes at a higher bitrate for video and use Stereo for the audio.

The soundtrack was made by FrankK on Griff. No idea how he did it but it sounds Great to me, which, after all, is what this is all about.

Watch the video here.

Oh, and big shout out to the guy(s)/girl(s) at Palm Sounds Blog who seem to be the only person/people listening sometimes. Keep up the good work.

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Griff Demonstration Video

Wednesday 17th September 2008
Posted By: daniel
We've finally put together a video showing Griff in action. Watch it on youtube here.

The hardest part of making the video was getting the video software together. I ended up using Microsoft Device Emulator to run Griff, camstudio to capture the video, wavosaur to record the audio, and Microsoft Movie Maker to put it all together and add the text.

It was all done in 2 takes - It would have been 1 but I forgot to add any parameter automation to the first take (they cut around 11.13).

It's way to long to be a sales enticement and probably not informative enough to be a decent tutorial, but I'm proud of it. I'd be really interested in your thoughts.

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New Griff Version Released Shock!!!!!!!

Thursday 11th September 2008
Posted By: daniel
...Reports of Griffs' demise have been greatly Exaggerated...

With no updates in over 5 years, it comes as somewhat of a suprise, even to us here at PlanetGriff, to discover that a new version has been released.

Version is available for immediate download

There is only 1 new feature, however - support for all the weirdy screen resolutions that have cropped up since Microsoft dropped the classic QVGA 240x320 screen size requirement for all PocketPC devices.

So now you can run Griff on square screen (240x240 and 480x380) and landscape screens (240x320 and 480x640) as well as QVGA 240x320 and VGA 480x640. Hurrah.

Although to be honest, Griff still looks best at the 240x320 Classic resolution.

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iTunes 8 in 'interesting' shock! (Part2)

Thursday 11th September 2008
Posted By: daniel
Somewhat overshadowed by the fanfare surrounding 'Genius' (tm) is the addition of new visualizers to iTunes 8.

It seems that Apple has hit yet another homerun by actually including some decent visualizations. As they did with coverflow, Apple scoured the internet and bought the best they found. That is smart.

Meanwhile, however, I am still waiting for Neonfor the PC to come out. Please give the guys a nudge on this forum thread.

More links:

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iTunes 8 in 'interesting' shock! (Part1)

Thursday 11th September 2008
Posted By: daniel
It's only taken 8 iterations but Apple has finally released a version of iTunes that has made me sit up and take notice. What's got me excited is the addition of Genius(tm) - a tool that analyses the audio content of your music and can use this information to create playlists that "go great together" (tm). People who've tried it seem to agree it's pretty good.

We use MediaMonkey at work. It's the swiss army knife of Music Librarians, is fast, never lets me down and has all the features I ever need.
At Home I useWindows Media Center as our Media Front End, and Windows Media Player as a library manager. This is a wicked combination in a leisure environment.

But I have had to write plugins to both systems to give me what 'Genius' (tm) promises for iTunes:

Of all the code I've ever written, these two plugins get the most use and give me the most pleasure.

The key feature of both (which I hope Apple have included in Genius) is their ability to cue up a new track when the last track in the 'Now Playing' list begins. This means that the music never stops until I want it to. I can select one song or a whole album to listen to, safe in the knowledge that when it's finished, a new song will begin keeping the mood alive.

Both of the above plugins utilise the mad analysis and selection skills of the free (as in excellent value for money) MusicIP mixer, which attained 'Genius' status before the iPod shuffled in. I kinda feel sorry for these guys - slogging away for years to little acclaim and then watching Apple take the standing ovation, but maybe this is the tech behind 'Genius (tm)' ? But you've got to admire Apple. When they do something they so often do it so right (iPhone or Windows Mobile 5 Professional anyone ?).

Take the 'Genius' (tm) integration with the iPod line:

You just know this is going to be fantastic.

MusicIP's attempt at putting their tech into portable mp3 player certainly had its attractions:

But the reviews indicated the final product was kinda sucky.

More links:

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