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Reviews Summary

Thursday 19th June 2003
Posted By: Barny
Griff has been receiving well earned reviews in some of the music press of late. And we are not just talking mickey mouse "this is a nice idea" reviews we are talking full product reviews. Future Music (10th b'day edition), Computer Music (jan 2003 issue) and SOS (may 2003 issue) have all road tested Griff and found it to be a tool to be taken seriously, as well as to enjoy to the max - back of the net!
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Planetgriff and mda collaborate on the mda pSyn plug-in.

Wednesday 30th October 2002
Posted By: Barny
Planetgriff earlier today launched the mda pSyn, a polyphonic synth Plug-In for Griff Pocket Music Studio . This is a significant release that has been on the Griff users wishlist for some time. This release is in line with the Planetgriff release stream that has been in place since launch, which consistantly brings new Griff products to the market place . Below is the text from the Press Release:

We can't keep this one from you anymore. Planetgriff are pleased to
announce the arrival of the pSyn.
What with the LFO(low frequency oscillator), envelope, filter and
amp controllers, this polyphonic synthesiser has more tricks than
David Blaine. Not only are there three default waveforms for you to
choose from, you can load samples to use as your sound source giving
an unlimited array of sounds and what's more, as with all Griff™
plug-ins, all controllers can be fully automated. Yes, it is a
serious piece of kit.
If you don't believe the hype - try it for yourself - it's free to try.

More info @: http://www.planetgriff.com/pSyn.php
Available from: http://www.planetgriff.com/retail_detail.php?itemid=23

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NEW Release!

Thursday 26th September 2002
Posted By: Barny
Planetgriff release V. - What does this mean? Many things, and those that have seen the postings on the chat site will know that improved performance is amongst the changes going out in this version.
After much input from Griff users, Planetgriff got its finger out -the following are a few of the mods:

Implementation of Pattern Banks
Sequencer timing adjuster to improve performance
Auto Pattern naming
Multiple Replication and Alias function

So, just download and over install your current release. Believe me, it is worth it...

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FREE Griff Windows Media Player Skin

Wednesday 7th August 2002
Posted By: Barny
We love Griff and we love Windows Media Player. Put it together and what have you got ?

Yes, the fabulous Griff Windows Media Player Skin. Download it here.

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What Pocket PC to buy?

Tuesday 23rd July 2002
Posted By: Barny
Currently new entrants to the pocket PC market place are springing up all over the place. It is getting a little hard to keep up with all the new developments. The latest big three are the Ipaq 3950, Toshiba e740 and the Pocket LOOX from Fujitsu/Siemens. All are running the new 400 Mhz X-scale processor, but all differ slightly in functionality, price etc. The news team came across this link that puts the three side by side in a comprehensive test environment:
The interesting figure for Griff users is the 40%+ increase in CPU integer performance (compared to an Ipaq 3800 series). In real terms, this would translate in to an increase in polyphony, and available instruments and effects - We await the first Griff X-scale user to report back on their findings.

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