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XScale Vs Pentium Speed test...

Thursday 9th October 2003
Posted By: daniel

Those crazy guys at spb software house linked 12 pocketPC's together to perform some parallel processing.

They found:
It turns out that even a small cluster consisting of twelve nodes is still slower than a mainstream Pentium II-class desktop PC.

Fairly humbling news that...

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Re-sample the produce...

Sunday 31st August 2003
Posted By: Barny
Planetgriff has re-launched the sample pack concept to its citizens. This is the one where Griff users go on-line, download a sample pack, and just install it to their Pocket PC. This creates a whole lotta great new sounds, all beautifully mapped to the sampler, to help make the tunes just that much better. It is a FREE service to citizens of Planetgriff, brought to you by other Griff citizens who have diligently been collecting and collating. Outrageous.

Download SamplePacks Here

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36 is the number

Thursday 7th August 2003
Posted By: Barny
Griff has managed to find its way around the world. From its humble birth in Kent, England - Griff is now being used and abused in 36 countries around the world. Yep, people from every continent delight in making music on the go with Griff -Which means that someone, somewhere, in a city not too far from you in a global sense, is playing with Griff. Amazing but true.
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Full Griff press SOS

Thursday 24th July 2003
Posted By: Barny
Since the beginning of the year, Griff has been in the press, being put throught its paces. The most recent appearance of Griff was in that venerable journal Sound On Sound which is well worth a read. Follow the link to see what they thought about it.

Full Review

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I feel the need for some speed - PocketPC 2003

Sunday 22nd June 2003
Posted By: Barny
When I bought my IPAQ 3630 I never for one moment thought it would still be the fastest Griff platform 3 years later. This looks finally set to change with the introduction of machines such as the Dell Axim X5 and the Ipaq 2215 - based on the combination of PocketPC 2003 and the 400MHz processor and 200mhz memory bus. Although not officially released yet, PocketPC 2003 from Microsoft looks like it will take advantage of the increased bus size of the latest Pocket PC's. This is great news for Griff fans as this will ultimately mean....more fun!
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