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Planetgriff Forum posting Restricted

Tuesday 3rd August 2004
Posted By: daniel
It is with great reluctance that the PlanetGriff forum has moved to allow posting from registered users only.

We're really sorry - it shouldn't have to be this way but we do not have the resources to continue cleaning up all the spam posts that are starting to appear.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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The Goldfish Lives!

Tuesday 23rd March 2004
Posted By: daniel
We called in the Vet and after an extended surgery session and lavish recuperation we can now confirm that reports of the Goldfish's demise were premature.

Visit the patient here. (Don't forget the flowers and chocolates).

New Version of Griff - Featuring Note Preview.

Friday 14th November 2003
Posted By: daniel
Yup, you read that right. Version is now available from the website.

Not much change I'm afraid, so don't get too exited, just a note preview option on the pattern editor so you can hear what the note will sound like as you drag it around the grid.

Thanks should be directed to ESPER Division for prompting this update.

We are also working to remove a problem with the installer where the installation fails whilst copying files to your PC. You may notice some new dialog messages during the installation but we are particularily interested in anyone who experiences any trouble installing. Please reply to this thread if you do.


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Griff is a Winner

Tuesday 28th October 2003
Posted By: daniel
Over here at PlanetGriff HQ we're dusting down the Tuxedo's, preparing our speeches and perfecting crocodile tears.

Yes Griff has finally won an award.

'......Thank you to PocketPC Magazine for the honour, thanks to mda, zephod & Martin who should really be up here on stage receiving this with us. ..Oh and our parents, Jill and Peter - Thank you thank you thank you. But most of all to you, the great unwashed, without whom we would never have come so far.... This is just incredible. Crying or Very sad

A Virtual Music Studio in Your Pocket: Griff v1.0 Reviewed

Tuesday 14th October 2003
Posted By: daniel

Premier PocketPC news site PocketPCThoughts has completed a comprehensive review of Griff: http://www.pocketpcthoughts.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=172434

Favorite quotes:

"Speaking of useful sounds, the quality of sound output by mSyn is absolutely superb. It has enough tweakable controls to generate everything from deep basses through to swishy, buzzy or squelchy leads."

"Griff also comes with a number of built-in effects, including Delay, Reverb, Chorus and Flanger. All of these are presented on screens which are nothing less than works of art and an exercise in minimalist simplicity, providing just the bare essentials necessary to convert the raw instrument outputs into awe-inspiring towers of sound."

"So overall I highly recommend Griff if you're serious about making music on the go, and would even go so far as to say it's the best music creation tool for the Pocket PC so far. "

Many thanks to Tim Allen (..So I rewired it...) and PocketPCThoughts for the review.

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