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VGA and Griff

Tuesday 27th March 2007
Posted By: daniel
We've removed the VGA skin from the Griff installer. This is because Griff doesn't run as a VGA application on standard VGA devices. It was compiled back in the halycon days when 240x320 QVGA was the only resolution.

We put a lot of effort into making Griff look fantastic at that resolution, optimising layouts, image sizes and workflow.

Then Microsoft released VGA devices, Square screen devices, Landscape devices, VGA Square Screen devices, Smartphones and no doubt many more to come. Great for users, but this sucks for Griff. Not because of a lack of technology - the Griff skin system could cope no problem, but the cost of getting 1 new skin designed would be more than we take in a good year of Griff sales, let alone 4 new skins. Then there are the plugins...

Griff user James Hall stepped up and created a VGA skin which we added to the Griff install before we had a VGA device to test it on. Turns out it only works with PocketPC's that have special VGA hacks installed.

We got so many emails from disgruntled VGA users who seemingly correctly selected the VGA skin when installing Griff but then could only see 1/4 of the GUI that we've removed James Skin.

For those of you still interested, here is a link to James' VGA Skin

And here is more information on the state of VGA on the PocketPC.

Native (high-resolution) VGA on WM5 VGA devices the long-awaited roundup and tutorial!

VGA demystified - the definitive guide to OzVGA, SE_VGA and everything VGA-related

Me? I'm sticking to QVGA and rectangular devices.

Griff regains crown - Winner of PocketPC Magazine 2006 Award

Wednesday 18th October 2006
Posted By: daniel
After the dissapointment of finishing runner up last year, Griff has regained its crown as best Multimedia Music Composition application in the Smartphone and PocketPC Magazine 2006 Awards

We are the champions, my friends...

Thank you Griffsters, we'd have never done it without your support.

I think I'm going to cry now.

Wireless Griffing

Tuesday 22nd February 2005
Posted By: daniel
MobileTechReview.com have reviewed the Bluetake i-Phono BT420EX Bluetooth Stereo Headset .

This would allow you to use Griff without that annoying cord between your ears and your PocketPC. Nice...

Check out the review.

And open up that wallet.

Can you record with the pocketpc ?

Tuesday 22nd February 2005
Posted By: daniel
Menneisyys has posted a very interested article about recording using a PocketPC.

Although the main target of the article is mp3 recording (Which the Griff sampler doesn't support) it does go into quite some detail about the quality of recording you can expect from a PocketPC.

He states:

Much as the sound quality of current PDA's is severely limited compared to even basic Hi-Fi equipment, they're certainly better (and, compared to digital ones, much cheaper) than current, dedicated, digital (and, for that matter, analogue) dictaphones.

Check out his article

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PlanetGriff Forum Returns

Wednesday 5th January 2005
Posted By: daniel
... And you never even knew it went away ?

The Planetgriff Forums were rudely violated over the Christmas period - All data was lost. Thanks for that.

Fortunately PlanetGriff are very conscientious about backing up everthing

Unfortunately the planetgriff forums was not part of that everything.

Fortunately PlanetGriff does have a twin planet.

Unfortunately their last synchronisation was 3 months ago.

The upshot is that all posts between september 22nd 2004 and January 1st 2005 are lost forever.

We are very, very sorry about this.

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