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Griff goes Free

Friday 7th October 2011
Posted By: daniel

Something we've wanted to do for a long time:
Griff and all its fabulous plugins are now absolutely free for all.

Head on over to the citizen suite to grab your registration codes.

Thank you to every Griff citizen that has ever been, and welcome one and all.

Best Regards and Enjoy

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Bye Bye Tucows

Monday 4th January 2010
Posted By: daniel

It looks like another nail in the coffin of Griff - The venerable appStore Tucows is planning on Delisting Griff. Crying or Very sad

Visit the Griff page on Tucows before it disappears forever.

Periodically, Tucows removes some software titles
due to lack of popularity and downloads. This
is done largely for space and navigational concerns.
Your title, Griff,
is scheduled for removal on January, 14 2010.

To avoid being removed, your software title needs
to either increase the number of downloads
or you can become a Tucows Subscriber by
January, 14 2010. Being a subscriber
exempts all of your titles from being removed, as
well as providing valuable services like
download statistics and more.

Ideas to increase your downloads include:

Linking back to the Product Page on Tucows from your site.
Purchasing keywords on a CPC basis.
Purchasing a Featured Program.

Thank you,

Tucows Editorial Team

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Cubase RC for iPhone

Wednesday 21st January 2009
Posted By: daniel

Finally, a major music software house develops a mobile app. Steinberg were showing off Cubase RC at NAMM which seems to be remote control software for their desktop Cubase product.

The other screen is a bit more Griff like - allowing you to trigger sections of your track live:

In my opinion, remote control apps have the greatest potential for live music for two reasons:
    They use the power of the desktop/laptop machine rather than being limited by the mobile device.
    They offer true wire-free operation - the audio is generated at the server so there's no need to get audio off of the mobile device.

Source: Computer Music

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Create Digital Music notices Griff

Thursday 27th November 2008
Posted By: daniel

The lovely people at Create Digital Music have posted about Griff.

A choice quote:
"And you know, while we’ve seen some apps come close, we really haven’t seen an iPhone app quite this comprehensive."

Thanks Guys, that's probably true today but you've got to think that the days of Griff being the mobile music making king are numbered and my bet for the new champion would be:

Just look at the beauty of it. I have no idea what it does, or how it sounds but it just looks so exciting. Good luck noise.io guys, I hope you can make a living out of your fabulous skills.

Watch a video

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Andriod - Get in the ring

Friday 24th October 2008
Posted By: daniel
Google Android has launched.

Early comparisons do not flatter Windows Mobile pro.

No news there, then.

Open Source Operating System - Check
Comprehensible site for Apps - Check
Anti-Fans - Check

I'm just doubtful this is any use to music makers because of the very sensible, hardware agnostic, utterly boring java language that Android insists on everyone using. It's going to take someone more daring than I to investigate whether you can get a tune out of this particular metal mickey.

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