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mda coded much of Griff's internal Audio processing. He's created a few other things too...
Kube is Zephod is Stjin. The man to thank for pocketKick, pocketPluck, pocketVoid and the mighty Goldfish.

Tucows Rated Griff 5 out of 5 Cows! Life doesn't get much better than this.

Great review by Freepaq.
(English Translation)
PocketPC City download page.
C|Net download page.
UK Pocket PC site Tekguru's comprehensive review.
PocketPC info and news and more...
Pocketnow gives Griff a thorough going over...
Sonic State, great music making website, great Griff review...

Find out about Griff and many other software titles.

The daddy likes it...
PDA gold's Griff download page.
We like Pocket matrix, they are really on to it
Pocket PC news with an Ipaq bias



Eurocom Mobiles for great prices on
PocketPC hardware.

Boosteroo Splits your PocketPC audio output
into three allowing multiple headphone
listening pleasure.
PowerPlant offers PocketPC
battery extending capabilities.
Arkon produce the SoundFeeder FM Stereo Transmitter.
About the size of a box of matches it plugs into the headphone socket and broadcasts the Audio on the FM radio frequency.
Our tests indicate that a powerfull FM receiver is required to pick up the signal without experiencing signal loss and background hiss but it's quite a buzz to broadcast from your PocketPC.



JS Overclock for iPaq.
Squeeze every last bit of performance from your IPAQ. (Use at your own risk)

PocketPCDrive Pocket PCDrive instantly adds up to 2 GB of memory into your Pocket PC object store by using the available drive space on your desktop PC.



You've written your masterpiece now get famous.

TAXI is the leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.

Our namesakes in the universe.
Famous for their PikaBoom experiment.



We love you Tinpots.

Invite these guys to your party.
How horny can you get ?
A band with a righteous sense of Dub