The IRC chatroom is hosted by Zephod, the genius who brought you PocketVoid DX, PocketPluck and Goldfish amongst others. Here is his notes on joining #Griff:

--==* short guide to entering the #griff chatroom *==--

  1. Download an IRC client.
    MIRC is nice shareware client, get it at

  2. Install it according to the guide provided by the creator of the client

  3. Connect to a server of the EFNet network.
    the helpfile of the client should tell you how to do this

  4. Join #Griff.
    usually this is done by typing "/join #griff" in the commandline box

  5. Say hi.
    this is voluntary, not a needed step (might be considered polite tho)

hopefully there will be some people on the chatroom, so we can discuss features/bugs/plugins in a more direct way.


Stijn Kuipers / Zephod