Griff is a revolutionary new music sequencer for PocketPC's. Griff includes a Sequencer, a Sampler, Instruments, Effects, Plugins.

Everything you need to get creative anytime, anyplace, anywhere

When you are done being creative you can even export your tunes as midi to play with on your desk-top sequencing application.

In the Galleria we strive to answer the questions or demonstrate the answers, but when you are through and still need to talk about it - Intercom should fulfil your needs.

Some of the planets finest audio and visual work is exhibited here. Please peruse at your leisure, with of course, no obligation to purchase.

Pause in Urban Demo For a free trial version of Griff V.1

These screenshots should give you a
good idea of the Power and the Glory of Griff.

Song Editor

Download these screenshots as PNG's here

The Song Editor

Layout your song structure, set the beats per bar, tempo and song length here.

The blocks at the top of this view are Sections.  You can have unlimited sections per song.  Sections can be aliased (referenced) multiple times (As the Verse and Chorus are here).  Any changes to the one alias will be reflected in all the other aliases.

Double Tapping on a Section (In this case the 'Intro' Section) brings you to...

The Section Editor

Assign Patterns to Targets here.  Patterns hold the Notes and Parameter Data.  Targets are Instruments, Effects and the Mixer.

Patterns, Like Sections, can be aliased multiple times, they can be any length (up to the length of the section) and can start at any point.

Double tapping on a Pattern (In this case the 'Main Chords' Pattern) brings you to...

Section Editor

Pattern Editor

The Pattern Editor

Drag and drop notes, adjust note lengths and velocities in a traditional 'Piano Roll' editor.

Like the Song and Section Editors, The Pattern editor offers full zoom capability.  Zoom time from 1 pulse right up to 999 bars.  Zoom pitch from 1 note to 127.

The Flipside of the Pattern Editor is...

The Parameter Editor

Automate any of the Parameters of the Target here with a stroke of the stylus.

This includes all the Instrument and effect Parameters as well as any of the controls on the mixer.  Everything is editable, adjustable and replayable in real-time.

Talking of the Mixer...

Parameter Editor


The Mixer

Controls Level and Pan for each Instrument and Effect.  Routes each instrument to each effect through near infinite effect busses.  Master Level ensures you can crank it up when it starts rocking.

Double tapping on any of the Mixers controls takes you straight to the Appropriate Parameter Editor for automation.

Double tapping on the Channel Name Strip brings up the Instrument Screen.

For Example...

The Sampler

The Sound workhorse.

Create samples on your PC or record them directly on your PocketPC, map them across a range of keys and adjust the settings to suit. The Sampler is your gateway to an unlimited range of sounds.

Griff comes packed with a selection of samples for your instant gratification, with other SamplePacks available to download and install.

Or why not try....


The mSyn

Complementing the Sampler is a built in monophonic synthesiser designed by mda offers an extraordinary sound palette at your fingertips.  Tweak the mSyn's sound in realtime or double tap on a control to automate it.

You never knew your PocketPC could sound so good!

But why not make it sound even better with a touch of...


That's right, built into Griff is a high quality Reverb unit offering to add it's shimmering Reverb trails to any Instrument you plug into the Mixer.

All Controls are tweakable in realtime and fully automatable.  Are you getting the Idea ?

Or how about some....





Up to 2 seconds and Ping-Pongable The delay is another effect built into Griff.



As is...


Rich harmonics enhancing any instrument source.


Or if etheral isn't quite what sir is looking for, how about some gritty, dirty....





Built to destroy, the distortion packs a double punch. 

In Distort mode it will add anything from a warm overdrive to an ear splitting howl to your production.

Switch modes to Degrade and you drop the audio quality for that gritty Lo-Fi touch.

And for your final delight...


Make that source wobble.


All Instruments and effects come with a Preset system for loading and saving your favorite settings.

And did I mention that All the controls above can be tweaked in realtime or fully automated ?



Now That would be plenty for most people but the citizens of PlanetGriff demand more.

They Demand....


Yes, Griff is also fully extensible, allowing Plugin developers to create additional Instruments and Effects for your pleasure.  Here are a few...

PocketVoid DX PocketVoid DX

An FM Synthesiser

PocketPluck PocketPluck

A Plucked String Generator

PocketVoid DX PocketKick

A KickDrum Emulator


A HiHat emulator

PocketVoid DX PocketSnare

A SnareDrum Emulator


12db per Octave Filter

Song Editor Goldfish

3oh3 emulation with phat filter


Now What are you waiting for ?


Download the Urban Demo and see all this in action.






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