You can download a full version (disabled save functions) of Griff for free. When you decide to buy, PlanetGriff will issue you with a code that will activate the save and export features.


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The default msyn plug-in, a versatile monophonic synth

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Manual (pdf)

We advise you download Griff in order to experience at first hand what you didn't know you couldn't live without.

Download Griff Pocket Music Studio for the PocketPC. The first step to dramatically increasing the value of your Handheld.


The song editor screen, showing time signature, BPM, song length, sections, etc

Enhance your Griff experience by downloading additional Instruments and Effects here.

Listen to what Griff sounds like with these pre-rendered MP3 example songs here.

Free Windows Media Player Skin
Download a free skin for the Windows Media Player based on the Griff Sampler here.